Friday, 25th November 2016

Ceremony Blessed Sacrament Church Mosman

How did you meet? Rach worked as a receptionist at the gym I went to at the time. We started speaking over time and became friends. We started going on a few dates and started dating.

How did you get engaged?  We went on a holiday to Italy in 2015 together which was amazing and we grew closer and closer over there. A couple of months after returning I made her a photobook of our trip to Italy with some polaroids of our best and favourite memories from the trip and gave it to her in our apartment. On the last page I wrote “there is just one thing I didn’t do on the trip and wish that I had”. Rach then turned around and I went down on one knee and asked to her marry me.

How long did you spend planning your wedding? We spent just under a year in planning and setting out everything for the wedding. We tried to lock in Orso as quickly as possible as it was the perfect venue for what we had in mind for our wedding. After that it was pretty easy to work toward that deadline of the day we set. We found it a pretty stress free process once we actually chose our venue and locked in a date.

How would you describe your Big Day? The actual day of our wedding was perfect. It was a fresh sunny day and it wasn’t too hot or cold. Everything during the day went pretty well on schedule, from the pre wedding round of golf with the groomsmen to the hair and makeup going smoothly for the bride and bridesmaids. Once all the formalities were finished at the church we hopped in the limo down to Balmoral Beach where it wasn’t too busy at the time considering Friday afternoon and the great weather. Then arriving at Orso without a hitch was probably one of the more satisfying moments of the day, when we could finally sit down and enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening with our family and friends. The way our reception was organised by Orso was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for anything more of the staff and coordinators.

What was the highlight of your Day? Walking down the aisle out of the Church with my new husband, then escaping away for half an hour to take our photos, just being together and realising that we are now husband and wife and get to spend the rest of our lives together, knowing that a party with all the people we love at the most beautiful venue was just around the corner!

Do you have any suggestions for future Brides and Grooms? We would probably recommend tackling the reception venue first, figure out the type of venue and location you’re after and choose a date. Once this is locked in it is easier to plan the other aspects of the day without it all being too overwhelming. I recommend organising the suits and wedding dress well before the date as that can be high stress factor for brides and grooms alike.


  • Photographer : Jason Corroto Photo
  • Florist: Wahroonga Flower Shoppe
  • Wedding Dress + Bridesmaids Dresses: Peter Trends Roseville & Rodeo Show Bridesmaid Edit
  • Grooms + Groomsmen’s attire: Institchu Suits
  • Cake: Casa Del Desserts of Indulgence
  • Entertainment: Impressions DJ